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Hi, I'm Philipp. Close up portrait of me. My right hand is partially covering my face. Dark brown hair, a moustache, gold-framed glasses.

31. German. Based in the Netherlands. Works as a front-end developer.

Straight. He/him/his. ~180 cm. Extroverted & very shy. A six, maybe a seven; can be a nine if you like my humor. Good listener.

Very single.

This page is meant to be as unfiltered and as subtext-free as I can manage.

+ I like

  • meeting my friends is the single most important thing to me; it's my favorite hobby
    • love you
  • music
  • web development
  • books
    • sci-fi (sentient robots!)
    • fantasy (to calm down from too much robots)
    • some popular sciences (to look cool in the café)
    • some canonical world (to look cool in the café also)
    • the Saga comic series (too horny for the café)
  • space stuff, nature, photography, art
  • pancakes, cinnamon rolls, wine (port), spending entirely too much time in cafés

− I don't like

  • homophobes, racists, misogynists, fascists, macho men
  • people who make their cars/bikes loud
  • people who smoke in public places, especially near others, people who eat, worst: near children
  • roller coasters
  • (surely to be continued)

? I want

A companion, a friend, a lover. To not be alone. But: Dating is fucking weird. (Mu-An). And it's certainly not working for me.

A relationship would be nice. Don't mind someone older. Not opposed to something casual (though I don't know what that's like, so perhaps I won't like it; one can only try). Would prefer something long-lasting.

I need physical touch. This isn't about sex. Well, it can be. The point: I want someone who's willing to be close to me.

! To consider

I greatly dislike doing unfamiliar things alone (traveling, new hobbies, going to bars, etc.). I very much love doing unfamiliar things together. I'm independent, but this aspect can make me depend on others sometimes. You might not like that.

Want to know more? Write me @kleinfreund or find my email.

Want a page like this? single.fyi.



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